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Thrive Plus DUO BURN Patch

Thrive Plus DUO BURN Patch
 Thrive Plus DUO BURN PatchThrive Plus DUO BURN Patch 
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Thrive DUO Burn DFT patch

DFT Technology has a new advancement in the form of the DFT DUO Burn Patch.

With a 95% Forslean extract, an ingredient studied globally for it's weight management benefits, and an additional 67% of bulk ingredients compared to the successful DUO 2.0 Patch, this DUO Burn Patch presents a massive leap in skin delivery technology to produce visibly superior results.

  • Weight Management
  • Supports Appetite Management
  • Enhanced Delivery Technology
  • Balanced Duo Release
  • Enhanced Bioavailability
  • Nutritional Support

Appetite management is a phrase that could mean anything but we feel it encompasses the core intention of the DUO Burn Patch which is to curb cravings for the foods that do you no good and encourage thermogenesis for your body to burn calories and stored fat to provide it's energy requirements.

Eat the right foods and limit sugars and carbs whilst wearing your DUO Burn patch and the thermogenesis effect will be magnified for even better results.

The new skin adhesive on the Burn Patch has been engineered to open the pores to ensure efficient delivery to the skin.

Try THRIVE Burn as a kick start to your thermogenic diet.


Separate and apply the two halves of the Thrive DUO Burn Patch to a lean area of the body (e.g. bicep, shoulder, forearm) on each side of the body after cleaning and drying the area.

Leave the Burn patches in place for up to 24 hours.

Replace daily and place on an alternate part of the body.

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