Are Natural Products Better for your Skin?

Are Natural Skincare Products Better?

I think it’s safe to say that you are reading this blog and have visited Vitality Rocks because you’re either already ‘on board’ with a natural philosophy and use natural supplements, or you are interested in knowing more about them and how they can help you achieve a more healthy lifestyle?

So…while you’re here I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage you to think more generally about natural products. If you take natural supplements then possibly, like me and all of us here at ‘Vitality Rocks’ then it’s probably not too ‘out there’ that you’d be up for considering a completely natural ‘whole body and mind’ approach?

Natural products can be excellent ways to boost your health from within, ultimately targeting health generally and more specifically by targeting certain issues like arthritis or poor digestion for instance.

But why stop there? If you’ve grasped the benefits of natural products for your internal health then why not consider that what you put on your skin can also have both negative and positive effects on your whole body?

I do as much as I can to protect my body naturally by taking supplements. So, what’s my current regime?

  • I take a whole body Organic Greens Powder because I can’t be sure that the fruit and vegetables I’m getting have the optimum vitamins and minerals I need for energy.
  • I often take Hemp Protein when I’m exercising because I’m (rather reluctant to admit), at an age where I may need some extra help to support my bones and muscles and prefer to do that without Whey (this causes me to have skin and digestive issues as I’m very sensitive) and as naturally as possible.
  • For specific joint issues I like to take Cherry Vita rather than heavy pharmaceutical alternatives.
  • I take Krill Oil as a way of protecting my body against environmental toxins (having parents with dementia is worrying and if I can do anything to protect my body naturally then I will do so). There’s much research been done into inflammation in the body caused by free radicals and how these potentially contribute to Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about natural products and I just feel drawn to the fact that this should be the way to go - to reduce the amount of toxic ingredients we expose our body to both internally and externally.

On a basic, fundamental level, I feel that anything I can do (with measured research) to become more natural in my approach to life, will ultimately be beneficial to my whole body!

So how do we start changing the way we treat our skin?

Well for starters, taking natural supplements gives you a head start in boosting your skin health and that goes for, not least, natural green organijuice, natural collagen and also a good general multivitamin. But there’s so much more you can do. But one step at a time…

About ten years ago I wouldn’t say I was entirely clueless about natural products but I certainly didn’t really stop to think too much about what I put on my body. Even though I have always paid attention to the benefits of a healthy diet (being an ex-gymnast). I poured every kind of expensive ‘brand’ product on my head and body without a second thought. And then I began to suffer from Rosacea which got so much worse and nothing I did seemed to work. I used industrial strength antibiotics and creams and washes but got increasingly more stressed and depressed with the state of my skin.

It was around this time we got together and discussed our vision for a ‘whole systems’ approach to health with Vitality Rocks. Meanwhile I spent time studying the benefits of natural herbs for health and then achieved a qualification in natural skincare and at this point we realised that what you put on your body should be as natural as possible in order to give you the best chance for overall health. This will be our way forward in the future so keep an eye out for our natural products for skincare!

In my personal life, I decided after suffering from Rosacea for such a long time, that I was going to use only natural products for skincare as well as using natural supplements… and haven’t looked back! I spent a lot of time reading labels of these expensive brands and wondered why they seemed to be using a ‘sledge-hammer’ to crack a nut! The list of seemingly needless chemical ingredients was endless and this included shampoo and antiperspirant too and NOTHING seemed to work. Indeed they only made things worse!

Today, I take my oral supplements combined with a vegetarian and organic (wherever possible) diet, and exercise at least three times a week. I also take the following approach to skincare and that is – ‘less is more!’ After lots of research into natural ingredients, I firmly believe that natural products are better for you and your skin. I’m living proof – no more Rosacea!!

My tried and tested formulas that work for me are made in single batches with natural ingredients and organic if possible too!

  1. I use a pared down 3 ingredient natural body soap with essential oil for skin and a PH friendly bar for my hair.
  2. Once a week I do a cider vinegar rinse for hair.
  3. I use a simple 3 ingredient deodorant.
  4. I use a gorgeous whipped body butter for moisturising skin
  5. I use a natural body lotion bar for my feet and elbows.
  6. I treat my face to a soothing and hydrating minimalistic skin oil once weekly.
  7. I have a ‘miracle-balm’ that does wonders for problem skin areas and is also…you guessed it…3 ingredients!

It’s would be easy to say all natural products are good for you but that would be wrong! There are natural products I would not use on my skin, including mineral pigments (that can be contaminated) Mica pigments (with coal tar derived colourings) and antiperspirants containing aluminium (which some studies have linked to Alzheimer’s.) Certain herbs and essential oils should be avoided and some used with caution and always in controlled amounts.

So to answer the question ‘Are natural products better for skincare’? The answer to me is simple - used appropriately and minimally, then of course! It also seems inherently sensible not to use unnecessary chemical ingredients on or in your body.

So for me, and all of us at Vitality Rocks. Simple is quite simply, better!