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Vitality Rocks - Products for Natural Health

Vitality Rocks are innovators in the vitamins and supplements industry.

Naturally Inspired Vitamins & Supplements for Health and Vitality

We carefully choose each and every natural health product to ensure only the finest ingredients, that provide the greatest benefits are used.
Our Vitality Rocks supplements are manufactured to GMP standards, here in the UK.
When we source products outside of the UK, we ensure the supplements are manufactured
to the equivalent high standard, providing peace of mind when you purchase.
We make sure our quality is kept as high as possible, whilst minimising overheads to ensure
our natural health supplements are as competitively priced as a high quality product can be.

We'd love to welcome you into the Vitality Rocks way of life and will ensure we live up to your high expectations.

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Latest Customer Reviews:

Good for my liver
Monday, 13 January 2020  |  John

Tried this product after a heavy Christmas and new Year with some friends who like a drink!
My liver took a pounding and was literally aching - not good I know :0
This gave relief within hours and I now take it whenever I binge a bit too much to detox my poor liver !

First order
Tuesday, 7 January 2020  |  Tenisha

Just started on this, ordered New Years Day and it arrived in 2 days, so super fast delivery thank you.
I've been looking for a natural replacement for Thrive as I am concerned about the additives that are in it.
I like the taste and prefer the chocolate to the vanilla (I bought 1 of each).
Definitely fills me up in the morning so I'm good until around 2 in the afternoon and it's very low calorie so that's good.
All in all I'd recommend Vibe shake mix for the vitamins and natural ingredients, espoecially as theres no artificaial sweetner.

Healthy and tasty?
Thursday, 2 January 2020  |  Craig1973

OK, I bought this because I want to lose weight and eat healthier. In that respect it's perfect, I'm definitely losing weight and have all but lost my serious (and I mean serious!) cravings for sweet stuff.
It's clear from the label that the ingredients are much healthier than the Herbalife shake I was using previously and that's more important as the taste is not quite as good, but I do enjoy it all the same and am getting used to the naturally sweetened taste.
I would recommend Vibe and I'm about to start my second 30 days on it as I want to keep on losing weight at the rate I am.


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