Natural Protein

Natural Protein Powder

Hemp and pea are two nutritionally complete natural protein powder supplements from Vitality Rocks that are naturally sweetened with stevia and have no artificial flavourings , colourings, GMO’s or pesticides.

Our hemp and pea proteins are extracted using natural methods which means there will no Hexane or indeed any toxic chemicals present, unlike with other hemp and pea proteins on the market today.

Hemp Protein and Pea Protein powders are suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans, or indeed anyone looking for plant based protein, who may want to increase or support their lean muscle mass. They can also be taken as part of a particular diet for weight loss or maintenance.

Hemp and pea natural protein powder is usually taken as a shake to the recommended daily intake so always read the label. Consult a healthcare professional if there are any health concerns before taking plant based natural protein.