Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein
Organic Super Protein

Organic Super Protein

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What is it?

Organic Super Protein

The cleanest organic plant proteins to fuel your body, blended with superfoods and rich in BCAAs to support healthy and strong muscles.

  •     Organic Protein for a Healthy Body
  •     Coconut MCTs for Metabolism Support & Energy
  •     Superfoods provide Essential Omegas
  •     Easily Digested with Pland Based Enzymes
  •     No Bloating
  •     Free from Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Additives and GMOs
  •     Easily Mixed to Support an Active Lifestyle

Vitality Rocks are pleased to stock touchstone essentials Organic Super Protein.

Support muscle growth and fend off workout fatigue with our unique formulation containing BCAAs sourced from superfoods.

Clean and lean, our protein blend is good for everyone, providing lasting energy from MCTs and a satiated feeling that lasts.

Not just for adults, this delicious vanilla flavoured protein is great for kids, providing daily goodness from veggie and plant sources.

With a generous 18g of protein in each serving, our unique blend is whey free with rich ingredients including:

  •     Organic Pea
  •     Organic Fermented Rice
  •     Organic Hemp
  •     Organic Quinoa Sprout
  •     Organic Amaranth Sprout
  •     Organic Millet Sprout
  •     Organic MCTs from Coconut
  •     Organic Flax Seed
  •     Organic Sacha Inchi

You can see from the ingredients what a unique and power packed blend of natural, organic ingredients this Organic Super Protein Blend is!

How to use it

Organic Super Protein - 18.3 Oz. (520g)

How to use super organic protein

What's in it
Super protein ingredients
Reviews (6)
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6 Reviews:

Just Superb
12 August 2023  | 

Easy on the stomach.
Just read the superb ingredients.
I wanted a natural protein specifically with MCT's and this one is perfect.
Our whole family use it and we recommend it highly!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Thanks so much for your excellent review!
We appreciate you taking time to do this!

Love it
24 June 2023  | 

This is the tastiest 'natural' protein I've tried so far and I think I'll be sticking with it. Most natural proteins I've tried (and I've tried a lot!) are quite honestly disgusting. This one has a light vanilla taste and actually has a little sweetness to it considering its free of sweeteners and sugar. It really is easy to drink and I find myself having an extra glassful later in the day as a treat! I also like the chocolate rice protein on this site and I'll be alternating between the two as its more cost effective. Good stuff!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful.


Thanks Sonny!
More and more people are discovering our natural protein. Glad you like it and we do, too! :)

Organic is key
14 June 2023  | 

Really one of the best natural proteins out there in my opinion.Second tub now. It is a bit more expensive but you can't mess about with this sort of thing. If like me u are takin time to invest in yourself then u have to pay extra. I use it every day and supplement one meal with it. I'm vegetarian so it is perfect.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Wonderful review!
Thanks so much :)

Super Protein
12 June 2023  | 

This stuff is smooth and very digestible.
Great taste too!
Get what you pay for!
My mates gonna buy...

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Thanks for your review Joey!

30 May 2023  | 

I am a little jaded in the search for the perfect natural protein but now I am sure I have found it!
As the other reviewer said it is a little on the pricier side but do you know what? It's worth it to have something that natural and chok full of pure things and doesn't bloat you out or make you feel sick.
This feels like a Premium Product.



We are so pleased you are seeing the benefits of this quality protein. We appreciate you taking time to review our product.

26 May 2023  | 

This is the first natural protein I've found that I really enjoy! I gave up on whey protein due to bloating and gut issues and have tried several natural proteins before finding this one. Its not cheap, but read the ingredients and you'll see why, no nasties and full of organic healthy ingredients. This is so easy to digest, I get no gut issues, in fact my gut has improved, and the taste is pleasant. Highly recommended by me.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
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So many people have bloating after whey. We are passionate about sourcing great products that solve particular problems. This is becoming a favourite really quickly. Thanks for your excellent review!


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