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Hair, Skin and Nails

A general multivitamin is great for bridging the gap when nutrition and lifestyle might not be the best it can be, for whatever reason. However, when feeling run down, many people report that their hair, skin and nails suffer dramatically and this can lead to negative feelings about how we look.

Generally, when hair, skin and nails are in poor condition this can be a sign that something isn’t quite right. A healthy diet, increasing fluid intake, establishing a normal sleep pattern and eliminating stress can sort out many minor niggles but sometimes we may need to focus in on what the issues are and tackle them head-on with and consider a nutritional supplement targeting hair, skin and nails directly.

When overwhelmed, our bodies struggle to fight ageing free radicals that cause oxidative stress and this can lead to problems with our hair, skin and nails. However, if there is a suspicion that something isn’t dramatically right, problems continue indefinitely or get worse despite corrective action, then it might be wise to get it checked out with a doctor.

Skin problems might be - generally dry patches, oily stress-breakouts, ageing skin showing signs of fatigue and wrinkles.

Hair problems – these can vary from dull, lifeless hair to increased hair loss or dandruff and scalp issues.

Nail problems – stress –induced issues from biting, rubbing or chewing nails including cuticle damage, brittle nails that split or peel. Increased white spots or vertical lines might indicate a particular vitamin/mineral deficiency however if these persist or horizontal lines or grooves develop then a visit to the doctor may be required.

Hormonal imbalances, stress, poor diet, nutritional deficiency, poor or sluggish digestion, inflammation in the body can all lead to poor hair, skin and nails.

Try supplementing with a vitamin and mineral that targets these issues specifically. Promote health and wellbeing from the inside and you’ll see visible improvement on the outside and that can go a long way to boosting your ‘feel good factor’. Look for ingredients with a powerful antioxidant effect to reduce signs of damaging oxidative stress. Supplement for healthy hair and skin. Vibe Glow or Collgen+ have been formulated with this in mind, particularly tackling problem skin, hair and nails.