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VIBE 30 Day Weight Loss Plan
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How to be successful with weight loss

Many of us struggle day to day with weight loss… that is how to lose weight and keep it off!

If you’ve been reading our blog you will notice a theme and that is in order to be successful in attaining a healthy weight, there are certain principles you can adopt to help with this.

  1. Be focused and set clear, achievable goals and measure your progress.
  2. Pay attention to your mental as well as physical health in order to deal with any setbacks that might occur and keep moving forward.
  3. Adopt a generally healthier lifestyle over a sustained period of time or permanently but remember to build in allowances for times when you’re unable to be as good as you should be when pursing your healthy weight programme.

In other words, don’t beat yourself up! Be kind to yourself and follow these general guidelines when pursuing a weight loss programme and you will be successful.

Healthy weight guidelines

  • Try to eat breakfast whether that’s a sugar-free muesli, protein shake or simply eggs and wholegrain toast.
  • Eat portion controlled regular healthy and non-processed meals with the recommended amount of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables.
  • Increase fluid intake whether that’s with filtered water or green juices.
  • Get more exercise and just generally be more active – look at ways you can do this by simply walking to work or taking the stairs.
  • Avoid temptation so shop smart and keep only healthy snacks like trail mix to hand. Reduce alcohol consumption and make healthier restaurant choices.

If you struggle to maintain a healthy weight there are many weight loss supplements that could help you be successful in the long term. Consider contacting a health care professional if you have any health concerns prior to commencing any weight loss programme.