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What is it?

Glucose Control Complex

New from Touchstone Essentials - Exclusive Glucose Control Complex with enzymes to target excess glucose.

Many of us are eating far too much sugar, it seems to be the modern ingredient that is used in everything.

Sometimes foods we are led to believe are healthy are the worst culprits for hidden sugar.

Gluco Control is the new Keto Killer from Touchstone Essentials

  •     Helps control excess glucose
  •     Reduced cravings for sweets
  •     Feel fuller for longer
  •     Healthy digestion support
  •     Good for the gut :)
  •     Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  •     Enzymes to target excess glucose
  •     Natural means of controlling glucose
  •     Vegan
  •     Non GMO

Gluco Control is packed with beneficial ingredients including:

Plant based enzymes, vital for metabolic functions. The enzyme blend in Gluco-Control is a proprietary formula specifically targeted at reducing the amount of glucose released into the body after eating, helping to flatten the glucose curve.

Organic mushrooms packed with beta-glucans and other beneficial compounds. Organic reishi and chaga mushrooms have research suggesting support for healthy blood sugar levels and are included in the Gluco-Control ingredients.

Probiotics help the gut and the gut plays a a pivotal role in every aspect of health, especially in the way that foot is metabolised.

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar

healthy blood sugarSupports healthy blood sugar levels through exclusive plant based enzymes. Naturally targets excess glucose whilst flattening the 'glucose curve' for a difference you can feel throughout the day.



Reduce Post-Meal Hunger

Reduce Hunger PangsMany people feel hungry again, soon after eating. This can be caused by a blood sugar spike, followed by a crash, which fools your body into thinking its hungry again! Gluco Control helps you feel fuller for much longer by flattening the glucose curve with the benefit of reducing the need to snack between meals.



Curb Sweet Cravings

Reduce sugar cravings When glucose levels crash, the cravings for carbs will inevitably start. Even if you have the strongest willpower, cravings can be pretty persistant and stubborn. Keeping your glucose levels stable will result in less cravings and you'll feel less inclined to search out sweet foods.



See how Gluco Control reduces blood sugar spikes

Blood sugar spike chart

How to use it

Gluco-Control - 60 Capsules


Take back control with Gluco-Control, an all-natural way to support healthy blood sugar, reduce cravings, and feel fuller for longer.

Simply take 1-2 vegan capsules, with a glass of water, an hour before a meal to start feeling the difference in your energy, metabolism and health.

Diabetic or Hypoglycemic?

Almost everyone experiences blood sugar spikes and can benefit from flattening the glucose curve. Because ingredients in Gluco-Control may enhance insulin sensitivity and affect glucose levels (requiring less insulin), you should consult your health care provider before using if you have diabetes (high blood sugar requiring insulin) or have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Your health care provider can monitor your care and determine if you should need to adjust your levels.

What's in it

Gluco Control Ingredients

Gluco Control Ingredients


Reviews (5)
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5 Reviews:

Keeping things under control
26 April 2024  | 

Always struggled with my blood sugar levels and have been a bit at my wits end trying to keep things under control, if i'm being honest!
Was looking for something a bit more natural and came across glucocontrol, so thought why not?
Glad I gave it a try, as my blood sugar seems to have stabilised at least in the short while I've been taking these, so not 100% sure how effective they are yet.
I plan to keep taking glucocontrol for the time being since my first impressions have been positive - will likely keep using them in the long term if the improvements stick!



We're very pleased to hear about your positive experience with gluco control so far! Thanks for the review :)

No cravings
08 April 2024  | 

Really struggle with sugar cravings and needed a bit of help kicking the habit - I think the price is pretty reasonable for what you get, definitely seems that I crave far less while I'm taking the gluco control..,
The fact that its non GM is a nice touch as well, can never be too careful these days!

Obviously do your own research, but for me its done the job, and for that I can only give a thumbs up!



Thank you very much for the positive review, Luke! :)

Love Gluco control
11 December 2023  | 

Not much to say, love this stuff!

Feeling way healthier and alot less cravings since trying these capsules, give them a try!



Thank you!

Think this is a winner
05 December 2023  | 

Been struggling for a while to kick the cravings and well what can I say? I've been taking these for a few months now and they seem to be doing a good job. I'm not reaching for snacks as much anymore and can definitely see a difference in my body weight. Defo recommend these!



Thanks for the positive review, Connor. Glad to hear how these are working for you! :)

21 May 2023  | 

I need this for my diabetic son, please let me know when its available.



Hi Derick.
This is now in stock and available to purchase :) Thank you


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