Vitamins & Minerals

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VIBE Enhance

VIBE Enhance£11.00   £9.75  (1)

CherryVita Activ - 60 Caps

CherryVita Activ - 60 Caps£14.00   £11.95  (8)

CherryVita Flex & Mobility - 60 Caps

CherryVita Flex & Mobility - 60 Caps£15.00   £12.95  (3)

MetaVita - 90 Caps

MetaVita - 90 Caps£14.00  (5)


VIBE Glow£16.00  (6)

VIBE Protect

VIBE Protect£16.00  (16)

VIBE Vitality +

VIBE Vitality +£16.00  (5)

OrganiVita - 100 Caps

OrganiVita - 100 Caps£17.00  (4)

VIBE Focus Nootropic

VIBE Focus Nootropic£19.00  (6)

OrganiJuice 300g

OrganiJuice 300g£25.00   £19.95  (7)

VIBE Fusion Patch

VIBE Fusion Patch£25.00   £20.95  (5)

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Vitamins and Minerals

What are Vitamins and Minerals?

Vitamins and Minerals are essential nutrients needed for a vast range of internal functions and processes that contribute to keeping our body functioning correctly and healthily. They help protect us from disease and ill health. Specifically, nutritional deficiency can lead to a vast range of health problems like digestive issues, skin or hair problems, anaemia, poor eye health, cardiovascular problems, bone growth or muscle and nerve issues and also, often overlooked mental health factors like anxiety and dementia/related symptoms.

Vitamins are considered essential because they’re not produced within our bodies and have to be obtained from external sources (except for vitamin D).

Minerals are generally obtained from the external environment around us, or obtained when we eat animals that have consumed particular plants for example. They are present in cereals, nuts and dairy products.

There are 13 essential vitamins that we need – some are fat soluble like A, D, E and K and we do not require large amounts of these. However, water soluble vitamins like B, C and folic acid are not stored in the body and would need to be ‘topped up’ regularly. Minerals like calcium and iron are essential for energy production, growth of teeth and bone and regulating body fluids and so our bodies depend on these daily for health.

Ordinarily, we should be able to get the vitamins and minerals we need by consuming a balanced, healthy diet but there are many reasons that this is not achievable for lots of people. Being elderly, run-down, busy lifestyles, social and economic factors, environmental factors and soil depletion have all been cited as contributing to people not being able to achieve a balanced diet. As such, many are lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals required for a healthy body and mind.

Natural vitamin and mineral supplements have been formulated to bridge the gap when a person may not be able to achieve a balanced, healthy diet.

Vitality Rocks Organivita capsules and Organijuice superfood supplements, with certified Organic ingredients and no unnecessary added fillers are an excellent choice for superior nutrition.