Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metal Detox

We are exposed to so many heavy metals toxins everyday.

We take is small amounts of heavy metals every day by breathing, ingesting or even touching heavy metals and these can accumulate over time causing damage to our bodies.

How do we get ill from heavy metal poisoning?

Aluminium, Cadmium and Arsenic can raise the risk of cancer even many years after exposure. Lead is used in the pipes of some of our water supply. Excess lead and aluminium has been linked to Heavy Metals Toxin Chartdementia and cognitive issues. Mercury affects adults by causing muscle weakness and loss of fine motor skills and affects children more problematically also with developmental delays. Heavy metal exposure has a long list of additional associated health problems such as hormonal disruption, DNA damage, liver/kidney problems, digestive and skin issues, lung and bone problems. (1)

Common ways we get exposed to toxins like Arsenic, Mercury, Lead?

Water is life and we depend on it to remain hydrated and healthy yet did you know there are many heavy metals in our water supply? We are also exposed through water and air pollution. Heavy metals are prevalent in our soil from waste water irrigation, pesticides and sewage waste. Dietary sources are non organic and processed foods and certain oily fish, brown rice and even baby food!

Neurological and cognitive Decline and heavy metals

Dementia and associated cognitive decline is a huge issue that affects so many people around the world today as many families are experiencing.

Alzheimer’s Research Hub has reported that almost a million people are living with dementia in the UK and by 2030 its expected that 1.1 billion people worldwide will be affected.

Trouble is, that’s just the ones that are diagnosed and there are many that are not for whatever reason - they don’t go to the doctor or they can’t get diagnosed…

Heavy metals are neurological toxins that can break through the blood brain barrier and are thought to impact intelligence, memory, attention span and even cause developmental issues. Heavy Metals cause Oxidative Stress and Inflammation that can kill off brain cells.

How to prevent exposure to heavy metals
  • Limiting exposure to heavy metals is key but also increasing the body’s ability to deal with these toxins is important.
  • Consider an efficient water filtering system (but do your research as they are not all equal).
  • Eat organic wherever you can.
  • Consider using Zeolite PBX Detox as this can be an effective way to help flush toxins by binding to them and passing them quickly through our bodies.

(1) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405844020315346