Natural Organic Vitamin D

Where can you find Natural, Organic Vitamin D?

Where do we get Vitamin D from?

Vitamin D isn’t technically a vitamin at all. As humans we are able to manufacture it ourselves under the right conditions i.e. exposure to UV sunlight. And therein lies the problem. Many of us aren’t getting enough UV to manufacture it ourselves, reliably.

Natural Vitamin D

However, it is possible to obtain D3 from eating meat, eggs, fatty fish and butter. Vitamin D2 is obtained from sources like mushrooms and yeasts exposed to UV sunlight. Therefore it is suitable for vegetarians.

Most types of vitamin D3 that are available to buy are synthesised by exposing sheeps’ wool to UV light….yuck! There is also a vegan source obtained from lichen.

What’s the difference between D2 and D3?

Other than a slight difference molecularly both have the same role to play in the body while the liver metabolises both and effectively releases them into the bloodstream.

The jury is out as to whether D2 is as effective as D3 however studies are limited at present. What is certain, is that many people are not getting enough either from the sun or in their food for a variety of reasons.

Why do we need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is important for muscle, bone and immune health. If we don’t get enough we can suffer a whole host of symptoms like fatigue, mood problems, hair loss, poor appetite, pasty complexion, muscle weakness and bone problems, poor sleep and less resistance to infections.

Boost your Vitamin D levels by more sensible sun exposure, eating foods rich in Vitamin D and consider taking a natural, organic Vitamin D supplement