Stress, Mental Function and Focus

Stress and mental focus

I don’t know about you but these days my body seems in a permanent state of some kind of stress or another in varying degrees. These are unprecedented times and I feel like I’ve been in a kind of stasis, never really managing to get my body and brain back up to speed, in and out of the various local and national guidelines we’ve had to endure for the last eight months.

Vibe FocusEven though the government says ‘Stop’ then ‘Go’, my physical and mental state doesn’t know what’s happening. And so, it seems that much of the time I’ve sunk into a kind of trance-like state just going about my day but sleep walking with no focus or direction!

As I said, varying degrees of stress are the result for what seems like even the slightest of reasons…maybe in response to news or work… worrying about what’s exactly required of me this week!

So, that got me wondering! What exactly is the impact on my body from all this stress? I did a little research here and the result was astounding! It seems that not only does stress have huge negative effect on us physically, what’s really interesting is how much it can affect our brains and nervous system to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the stress level or duration of stress and this can have detrimental long term effects.

Stress can have significant effects and be a trigger of aggravator for many diseases. Mood, memory, focus and learning might also be impacted. It seems that stress may eventually also lead to a decrease in cognition or understanding in the long term.

My body definitely does not respond well to stress and the longer it goes on, the littlest thing seems to set it off. Sometimes anxiety can also bring on a feeling of being under the weather but what I’ve really noticed is that memory and lack of focus is definitely getting worse as the situation goes on…

Exercise and eating as healthily as possible is always the way to go to relieve stress. But sometimes, especially during prolonged times of stress, like in these uncertain times; why not try supplementation for an additional aid to brain function and focus? Try Vibe Focus Nootropic supplement that may also aid restful sleep…bonus!!