The Benefits of Taking Collagen

Collagen – What is it and what are the benefits?

Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein that makes up around 25-30% of total protein found in our bodies.

It’s found in our organs, blood vessels, gut lining, skin, teeth, connective tissues and bones and it gives cells and tissues their strength and structure. Along with Elastin, it’s responsible for skin strength and elasticity but when it depletes (with age) this can lead to wrinkles and poor tone. Hair and nails could suffer from low levels of Collagen too!

Our bodies manufacture Collagen internally by breaking down dietary protein, making amino acids; however, this process becomes less effective as we age and is also directly affected by outside influences such as poor diet, smoking and excessive exposure to the sun.

CollaCollagen Supplementgen is vital for maintaining the healthy structure of our skin and is important to the effective wound healing process. It may also be beneficial in reducing symptoms of arthritis as it aids in stimulating production of collagen in the joints. It is an excellent skin supplement for glowing skin.

Where can we get Collagen from?

  • Help boost Collagen production by looking for foods rich in Protein, Copper, Manganese, Zinc and Vitamin C such as Bananas, Kale, Citrus fruits, Red & yellow Peppers, Sprouts, Broccoli, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Tomatoes, Bone broth, Seafood and Berries.
  • Vitamin C or Collagen supplements may be beneficial if diet is not as healthy as it might be. Also important to note is the fact that as we age, we break down Collagen quicker that we produce it so supplementation could help combat this.

As we age we need to be more flexible in our approach to how we meet our daily requirements for optimal health. Vitality Rocks can help with this. Vitality Rocks' Beauty Collagen or Vibe Glow that both contain the Best Marine Collagen (for most efficient absorption) and all the nutrients needed to help promote healthy skin and joints.