Blood Glucose - Are You In Control?

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Blood Glucose - Are You In Control?

Many of us go about daily life feeling less than healthy or well but we’re not really sure why that is…

We all know that we should eat more healthily, take more exercise and be less stressed but for many this is difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons.

But are you aware of the importance of keeping your blood glucose, more commonly known as blood sugar, under control? How important it is to keep us feeling well and healthy?

Natural Blood Glucose ControlDo you assume that because you don’t have diabetes; Type 1 or 2 then your blood sugar is ok? It’s under control? Well, you may be surprised!

What role does blood glucose play in the body?

Blood sugar is used by the body in the form of glucose and forms the basis of our metabolism. It’s our prime source of energy. We obtain it via the food we eat or from body stores in the liver and muscles. It’s also manufactured by the body from fat, protein and lactate.

How does poor blood glucose control affect us?

The bloodstream is vital for transferring glucose around the body. Making glucose available for our tissues and cells is vital for our health, however it’s also important that we keep that glucose under control. Insulin is released by the pancreas in response to glucose levels in the bloodstream and if the levels aren’t right then it can cause a multitude of health issues.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

As mentioned above, blood glucose levels are controlled by insulin released by the Pancreas. In Type 1 diabetes, the body’s autoimmune system attacks the cells that produce insulin and is an irreversible, lifelong condition. In Type 2 diabetes, the Pancreas does not manufacture sufficient insulin or this is suppressed making the body react less efficiently to insulin therefore the outcome is poor glucose control.

What are the Effects of Poor Blood Sugar Control?

Too much insulin can cause hypoglycaemia/low blood sugar and too little can cause hyperglycaemia/high blood sugar. Both are problematic for our health. It’s essential that we retain good blood sugar control to maintain our energy level, prevent sugar cravings and limit the risk of associated health complications from being overweight; like heart attack, stroke and risks from developing diabetes like blindness, kidney and circulation problems.


How can we prevent health issues from poor blood glucose control?

Maintaining a stable blood sugar and preventing spikes is essential for our health. It’s vital that our body is able to produce insulin effectively to control blood glucose and therefore reduce the risk of us developing diabetes.

The most effective tool we have for maintaining blood glucose control is good nutrition. Levels go up and down during the day but inactivity, dehydration and stress levels can affect our levels even more.

Ensuring we manage intake of simple carbohydrates can have a great effect on controlling glucose in the body. These are often sugary, white and processed foods. Swapping to more complex carbohydrates, fibre and protein helps limit blood sugar fluctuation. Combining this with regular exercise, losing weight, getting good quality sleep, limiting caffeine intake and stopping smoking can help keep blood glucose under control naturally and dramatically reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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Great information. My elderly mother has just been diagnosed 'pre-diabetic' and we would be very interested in this product.