EMF Health Tips

What Does EMF do to the Body?

With the advent of electronic devices such as smart phones, the presence of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) has become all the more prevalent in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, research into EMF has shown that it can have a negative influence on our health.

Prolonged exposure to EMF radiation can result in negative health signs such as fatigue, headaches, sleep disruption and negative effects on cognition. More recent conversation on EMF has even suggested that it may have a negative impact on our immune systems!

EMF Protection on Mobile PhoneHow can we Protect Ourselves from EMF?

Well, there are several things you can do to help with your exposure to EMF:

1. Limit exposure – Minimising your exposure to electronic devices is a sure fire way to help combat the risks of EMF. Smartphones, WiFi routers, wireless earbuds… Keeping away from these EMF sources where possible helps a lot. With phones and earbuds, this is especially important as EMF radiation lessens with increased distance from the body.

2. Out of sight out of mind – As we already mentioned, EMF can have a big negative impact on your sleep. Due to this, turning off your phone at night – or better yet – removing it and other EMF emitting devices from your bedroom entirely, is a great way of significantly reducing exposure.

3. Passive protection Investing in some form of EMF protection is another great way of combatting the potential health risks! Placing an EMF protector on your phone or in one of your living spaces can block or modulate the EMF emitted from electronic devices in your home.

4. Detox heavy metals - Toxins are everywhere nowadays, in our food, water and air and even our clothes and hygeine products. Its wise to implement a detox protocol into your life and one way to do this is to take a zeolite product such as our very popular PBX Detox.

What do you think? Anything we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!