Parkinson's Disease

What Causes Parkinson's Disease?

Here at Vitality Rocks we are becoming more and more aware of the damage that heavy metals can cause to our health.

We’ve explored dementia and the fact that statistics are increasing year upon year with the devastating effects this can cause to families having to deal with this awful condition.

Zeolite SprayHowever, this is just the tip of the iceberg and awareness is certainly increasing in the population about the impact toxins are having on our bodies, contributing to many health issues like cancer, neurological, hormonal, kidney and bone conditions to name a few.

Did you know that Parkinsons Disease is the second most prevalent neurological disorder after Alzheimers? A review on the association between heavy metals and Parkinsons in the National Library of Medicine December 2022 stated that incidence of Parkinsons is set to double by 2040.

Parkinsons is a neurological condition whereby brain cells are damaged over time that leads to loss of dopamine. This can cause slow movements, tremor of limbs and muscle rigidity. There are many other associated symptoms like depression, anxiety, memory and sleep issues.

Although there can be a genetic link, the study mentioned states that greater than 90% of cases are related to environmental exposures.

Prevention is key to reduce the impact of heavy metals on our health. We need to take personal responsibility to limit our exposure to toxins. This may include eating organic food, getting a water filter, using natural personal care products and becoming more aware of the environmental pollutants around us, including in the home; then take steps to eliminate them wherever possible.

One effective way to assist in removal of heavy metals from the body is by taking natural zeolite supplement such as PBX Zeolite. It’s unique structure and charge acts as a sponge to absorb heavy metal toxins 

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Link to NCBI article.