Soothe Topical CBD Balm
Soothe Topical CBD Balm
Soothe Topical CBD Balm

Soothe Topical CBD Balm

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What is it?

CBD Balm Organic

Not all CBD is the same.

Soothe Topical CBD Balm is rich in phytocannabinoid, flavonoids, cannabinoids and terpenes and includes a beneficial 600mg of CBD per jar.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an amazing gift from nature and it's important that you give your body the highest quality Organic CBD Topical Balm to ensure you get the wonderful effects of this natural product.

The many benefits and uses of our Organic CBD Balm may include:

  • Fights temporary inflammation
  • Soothing relief for muscles
  • Eases painful joints
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Great for recovery after exercise

Premium CBD Balm from Organically Grown Hemp

At Vitality Rocks, we ensure that every bottle of our CBD products contain the purest and finest quality, full spectrum organically grown CBD that nature has to offer.

Our balm is formulated with 600mg of cannabidiol in every jar and is lightly scented with organic lavender and eucalyptus.

This fast acting CBD cream formulation uses state-of-the-art nano-emulsification technology for a fast-acting balm and near instant relief.

We are proud of the quality of our CBD products.

Make sure you know where your CBD comes from and make sure it comes from organically grown hemp - Vitality Rocks!


How to use it

Soothe Topical Balm - 600mg


CBD Balm Usage

What's in it

600mg per Jar - Topical CBD Balm

CBD Balm Ingredients

Reviews (6)
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6 Reviews:

14 August 2023  | 

Such a beautiful little pot that has so many uses. Smells divine. It's my necessary luxury. You can't put a price on natural I think.

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It's gorgeous we agree!
Thank you for taking time to review our CBD balm.
We appreciate you :)

Really soothing
07 May 2023  | 

I bought this after doing a lot of research into CBD. I have a feeling that when paypal and people try to make it difficult to buy these natural products then its because they know they work. For me its natural is best everytime. I don't mind paying more if it's good and this is excellent. I use it on my calf muscles as I do a lot of jogging. Its sotthing and my skin smells divine after and so soft. I confess to using on my elbows and knees too lol



We have a soft spot for this balm too and just love that it works so brilliantly! Thanks for taking time to review!

12 April 2023  | 

I have been making my own natural products but can't seem to get a balm to work properly or be effective. I ordered this after doing some research on CBD balms and wow I msut say its absolutely amazing. So soothing and works well on my lower back ache. A little pot of lovely.

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Wow! Thanks for your excellent review! :)

So lovely and effective
30 March 2023  | 

This is a little jar of loveliness lol
I have bought on your website several times and recently saw this CBD balm. I have to say it was news to me that CBD can come in something you can put directly onto your skin but really it makes perfect sense.
I bought it for my skin because ive been using a cream that was on prescription for my Rosacea and after two months it hasn't done a thing.
After just 1/4 of a pot (which goes a long way) My skin is really calming down the redness as the lavender (and CBD) works for the stress which i believe is the main culprit for my skin problems. My spots are reducing too and this is probably due to the eucalyptus which ive read has amaing antibacterial benefits.
I wanted to do this longer review (sorry guys) because it can be really isolating and stressful when you have skin problems (and im in my 40's) and its good when people can share what works for them.
This pot if balm is really great and has done a lot for making me feel better so thank you

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
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Hi Louise :)
Please don't apologise for the length of your review as we love it when people find something that really works for them and are happy to tell others in detail.
Thanks so much we really do appreciate it.

Gorgeous Balm
27 March 2023  | 

I'm in training for a big charity run at the end of the summer. I am tired of using the same old medicinal stuff for aches and pains in my joints. I really feel that we should be using naturl as much as we can these days. I ordered this balm and have used it a few times now between sessions in the gym and outside. First it smells divine and second it reall yseems to be helping. Being proactive is key so I'm going to use it right throuhghout to hoefully lessen any discomfort in the longer term.
I use the CBD drops and find them really excellent so wanted to try it in a skin formula. Great for my needs. It dosen't disappoint.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
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Thanks so much for your excellent review!

Beautiful Quality
23 March 2023  | 

This is something quite new for me but trying to be more natural in what I use. I already use CBD drops for my anxiety but wanted something for my aches and pains of athritis. Great qualityb anjd nice smell



Thanks for your review! We love CBD :)


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