LifeWave X39 Patch
LifeWave X39 Patch
LifeWave X39 Patch
LifeWave X39 Patch
LifeWave X39 Patch

LifeWave X39 Patch

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What is it?

Lifewave X39 Stem Cell Patch

The LifeWave X39 patch has been developed over 20 years to provide an abundance of benefits to your health, backed up by multiple clinical studies.

Aging can affect your body's ability to heal, but activating stem cells and resetting them to a younger, healthier state could provide healing in a safe and non-invasive way. The LifeWave X39™ has been developed to aid the body and provide a level of health and vitality more associated with youth.

Users of the X39 patch are experiencing the benefits of:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Mental clarity
  • Energy and vitality
  • Better sleep quality
  • Healthier skin appearance
  • Rapid pain relief
  • Wound healing support
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Fast recovery from exercise

Safe and Effective

Its time to feel your best, regardless of age. Non-invasive, non-transdermal and economical to use, Lifewave X39 can help you become more active, experience less aches and pains, enjoy faster wound healing and look better with reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Simply apply one patch to clean, dry skin and wear for up to 12 hours.

GHK-Cu Copper Peptide

GHK-CuThis human peptide has multiple biological actions which appear to be positive to health. Actively stimulating nerve and blood vessel outgrowth increasing collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, as well as supporting the function of dermal fibroblasts.

GHK can improve tissue repair whether it be lung connective tissue, stomach lining, liver or skin and powerful cell protective actions including anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory are among it's cell protective actions.

The LifeWave X39 patch is backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development to provide an abundance of health benefits.

If you're looking for improved performance and increased strength and stamina, check out our Lifewave X49 here.

How to use it

Lifewave X39 patch Instructions


What's in it

LifeWave patches contain a combination of amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and natural organic compounds. They are made of 100% natural ingredients. They contain no chemicals or synthetic substances. They activate immediately once they touch the skin or are placed within three inches of the body. They are even effective when placed on top of clothing.

There are no side effects because they are non-transdermal patches, meaning that nothing is being transferred from the patch to the body.
Reviews (4)
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4 Reviews:

09 October 2023  | 

This is such a clever thing. Patches that work on reflecting light into your skin. ExScuse my french but when you've been feeling as sh*t as I have for so long and have tried literally everything then money don't matter. It's early days yet but my pain with arthritis, sleep and skin are defintely improving. Optomistic for long term improvement.

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Unsure what to expect
25 September 2023  | 

I live in hope of many things and am an eternal optimist. They say that a lot of things are placebo but who knows? I know when i believe something will work, it generally does.
I don't mind playing for something if it works and reading lots of reviews they really took my breath away.
I have worn the patches for about a month now and it was mostly for my energy levels and to help my skin as I don't heal very well.
So far this is working on my energy and my skin. A wound I have been struggling to heal on my leg is really coming on nicely after lots of treatment where nothing was working.
Would give a 10 out of 10 no doubt about it!!!

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Thank you and amazing to hear about your excellent results with your skin.

19 September 2023  | 

I'm an ex rugby player and a big lad! I've got so many aches and pains I don't know where to start, so I started looking for natural pain relief and something to stop my aching joints. Not sure how I came across these patches, but I researched on the manufacturers website and with so many glowing testimonials I thought I'd give them a go but my expectations were not high. What a surprise! I literally felt better the next day and I'm in much less pain, feel more mobile and have less aches and pains which means I'm sleeping much better. I thought it may be a placebo effect but theses little patches are still working for me and I'm very pleased and a little surprised.

5 of 5 people found this review helpful.
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We are so pleased you're finding the patches are working well for you.
Appreciate you taking time to review them. :)

01 August 2023  | 

Please let me know when these are in stock. thanks.



Hi Mikey, they're available now in 5-7 days but will be in stock for same day dispatch very soon. Please click the 'email me when available' link on the product page to be automatically emailed when they're back in stock :)


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