The Benefits of Zeolite


What is Zeolite?

Natural Zeolite, also known as Clinoptilolite, is a mineral mostly made up of silica and is typically found in volcanic rock. It forms by a natural process when volcanic rock and ash reacts with seawater but also sometimes with freshwater.

Properties of Zeolite

Zeolite presents as a cage-like structure with small openings that allow small molecules inside but prevents large molecules from entering. The structure contains water that moves easily in and out of the structure.

Pure Body Zeolite SprayZeolite is rare in that it possesses a negative charge and is often called a ‘molecular sieve’. It acts like a magnet and the negative charge means that positive molecules become trapped in the ‘honeycomb’ structure.

The framework of Zeolite is extremely strong and stable, meaning that positively charged molecules do not easily leach back out of the structure.

Basically - Zeolite replaces bad with good (cation exchange) in that it traps the positively charged molecules like lead, arsenic, mercury and potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines and exchanges these with healthy, negatively charged molecules such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Zeolite is eventually passed out of the body in about 6-8 hours with the toxins still embedded within the structure.

Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolite can effectively cleanse and detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.

The body is effectively alkalised by Zeolite, becoming healthier in the process as acid conditions in the body caused by pollution, poor diet, stress and even pesticides can cause inflammation, fatigue, headaches and a variety of health conditions.

Alkalising minerals like Zeolite have been shown to stabilise PH.

It helps remove heavy metals from the body and is beneficial in supporting healthy kidney function.

By removing heavy metals it boosts the immune system however it is also reported to increase immune cell activity thereby actively protecting it.

Body Toxin ChartZeolite is reported to promote a healthy gut by improving integrity of the intestinal wall.

Mood disorders are thought to be exacerbated by heavy metals in the body and by reducing these, it can promote a more positive mood.

It has antimicrobial and antiviral properties but does not have a negative effect on the beneficial microbes in our bodies.


Toxins are everywhere in the environment! In food, air, water and even household products and beauty products.

Toxins can have adverse effects on our bodies like lack of energy, poor sleep and brain-fog, disrupting hormones and slowing down metabolism.

It would be impossible to eliminate exposure to these toxins on a daily basis. So, cleansing our bodies with a natural Zeolite makes sense for promoting a healthy body and mind!

Make natural Zeolite a part of your daily detox routine!

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