The Importance of Vitamin D


Why Vitamin D is so Important

As the title of this articles says…the importance of Vitamin D cannot be ignored, especially during the current worldwide situation.

A little bit of background to this. I wrote an article several years ago for another health blog and it was all about the increased concern around Vitamin D deficiency in the general population.

Nothing has changed!

Vibe Immunity Defence SupplementQuite simply, most people aren’t getting enough Vitamin D but it seems relevant now more than ever as several studies have linked low immunity and risk of viral chest infections and pneumonia to people who were found to have low levels of Vitamin D in their body.

It seems now without question that Vitamin D (otherwise known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’) has a significant impact on bone density and calcium homeostasis.

Many studies, and current ‘NICE’ advice advocate regular supplementation for everyone to an average of 10mcg or 400IU during autumn and winter. This is to support healthy bone and muscle health. However those with limited exposure to the sun, and those who cover up, or ethnic minority groups, should consider supplementation year round.

The article stops short of in-depth discussion of the current situation in relation to Vitamin D deficiency however many articles and studies are now referencing Vitamin D deficiency in relation to the immune system and make for very interesting reading!

Article 1

Article 2

When looking to protect yourself then it’s important to read relevant studies; or if you’re not into in-depth studies then take a look at the summaries or outcomes in order to reassure yourself that you’re doing the right thing!

Vitality Rocks Blog is here to point you in the right direction…

Vibe Protect may be beneficial to take as we are now heading right into winter and many of us are perhaps not getting as much ‘outdoors’ as we normally do!

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Bev Noone
20 January 2021  |  14:27

I read your articles and feel that everyone should now be taking vitamin D.
There's lots of talk about it protecting with this virus and just anyway generally with the rubbish weather we have and dark nights.

Melanie John
26 January 2021  |  17:37

I have bought some of your Vibe Protect as I have been reading lots about lacking vitamin D. Very interesting articles on here too!