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How to Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy and productive life. Yet many of us struggle to get the hours in that we need. However, It seems that it’s not solely about how many hours sleep you get as quality of sleep is just as important.

It's Time to Go Organic!

In 2023 signs seem to be indicating that more people are making a positive decision to choose organic foods due to environmental impact.  And this is great but did you know that many more are opting to go organic for health reasons? Let’s look at what these the reasons might be…

Parkinson's Disease

Did you know that Parkinsons Disease is the second most prevalent neurological disorder after Alzheimers? A review on the association between heavy metals and Parkinsons in the National Library of Medicine December 2022 stated that incidence of Parkinsons is set to double by 2040.

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Blood Glucose - Are You In Control?

Blood sugar is used by the body in the form of glucose and forms the basis of our metabolism. It’s our prime source of energy. We obtain it via the food we eat or from body stores in the liver and muscles. It’s also manufactured by the body from fat, protein and lactate.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dementia and associated cognitive decline is a huge issue that affects so many people around the world today as many families are experiencing. Alzheimer’s Research Hub has reported that almost a million people are living with dementia in the UK and by 2030 its expected that 1.1 billion people worldwide will be affected.

Natural Organic Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t technically a vitamin at all. As humans we are able to manufacture it ourselves under the right conditions i.e. exposure to UV sunlight. And therein lies the problem. Many of us aren’t getting enough UV to manufacture it ourselves, reliably.

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